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Use your iPhone as a level (3/15)

On the second page of your Compass app is a level (the Compass is an undeletable utility in your app collection.) Most of us don’t use a compass very often these days – maybe when we are lost on a hike and can’t get a GPS signal!

The level is actually very useful and works quite well. Open the Compass App and swipe to the second page. You will see a image that looks something like this:


If you tilt your iPhone until it says “O°and turns green as shown below, you’ll be perfectly level!


Customize Mail signatures in iOS 8 (2/15)

To replace the “ad” from Apple (Sent from my iPhone) with whatever signature text you want to use:

  • Navigate to Settings | Mail, Contacts, Calendars
  • Select Signature
  • Select All Accounts
  • Replace the text “Sent from my iPhone” with the signature text that you want to appear on emails you send in the future

iPhone Tricks you may not know (7/14)

This article has a long list of cool tricks – chances are that there is one you don’t know! Here is a sampling:

  • Shake to undo. If you make a mistake while typing or editing a picture just give your phone a little shake and you’ll be asked if want to “undo” your typing.
  • Recharge your battery faster by switching to airplane mode – this works for many devices.
  • Find out what flights are overhead – ask Siri “What flights are above me” or “Planes overhead”. A real time waster, but pretty cool.

Update your iPhone (2/14)

Apple has released an update to all of their latest Operating Systems that fixes a bug that allows hackers to intercept your data. Called “A Man in the Middle Attack”, it can be thought of as today’s version of eavesdropping. iOS 7.0.6 for the iPhone/iPad and OS X10.9.2 (Maverick) for other Apple devices correct this security flaw. If you have an Apple device, you should update your Operating System immediately. For more information read this article.

iOS in the car (1/14)

It has been reported for a while that Apple is working to incorporate iOS in the dashboards of several automobile manufacturers, eliminating the need for separate built-in navigation systems. Several developers have posted videos simulating the experience. Check this site for an overview. iOS in the Car is supposed to be introduced some time during 2014.

iPhone 5s – gotta have it? (9/13)

If you’ve already stood in line at the Apple Store or were one of those who pre-ordered the new phone, you can probably skip this article. For the rest of us – here’s a short summary of the good and the not-so-good for the new iPhone.

Good: The camera is even better (most of us are already pretty wowed by the cameras in most smartphones these days.) The iPhone 5s has the same number of megapixels as the 5, but the pixels are larger, which should result in sharper images. The flash is better – it is supposed to result in truer tones than previous versions. The 5s also has a fingerprint sensor, which allows you to start apps without inputting a password. The new operating system (iOS 7) has some nice new features including AirDrop file transfers and the Android-like Control Center.

Not-so-good: If you are used to many of the Androids, the screen will seem small. The fingerprint sensor (at least for now) only works with Apple apps. The new Apple Operating System (iOS 7) is different – many have been heard to compare it to the Android interface. This could be good or bad, depending on your point of view.

In a genius marketing move Apple introduced a gold iPhone 5s. They are currently backordered and selling on Ebay for up to $1,300!

The Tile – Lost and Found meets iPhone (8/13)

Who hasn’t lost their keys, wallet, etc.! The Tile is a small plastic square that can be stuck to any surface using adhesive. It also has a hole that can be used with a key chain. The Tile works using Bluetooth from an iPhone (the only phone supported initially) but takes advantage of crowd-sourcing to extend the range.

Here is a summary, for the whole story go to

  • The Tile will be available in the winter of 2013/14 and is accepting preorders now for $18.95 each.
  • When you need to find something, you use the app on your phone to select a specific Tile. You’ll see a display on your phone that will indicate distance, and you can also set off an audible signal from the Tile. This works for items that you lose that are close by – such as the keys in the couch!
  • If any other user’s phone is located near your Tile “crowd sourcing” is used to let you know the location via a pin on the map view of your Tile. This works with anything that is near another Tile user’s phone, but is most useful when you are looking for something that is out of Bluetooth range.
  • Tiles last about a year and then need to be replaced.

Healthcare IT Update January 2012: iPads Have Much Potential, But Significant Challenges Remain(1/12)

We also publish a monthly newsletter for the healthcare market and thought this article on iPads might be of general interest. We have many clients looking to use iPads in their corporate environments, and the warnings here are pretty much the same as they are for healthcare – make sure that the applications you are using have been adapted for iPads, otherwise you may end up unhappy with the results.

Read the article about iPads in Healthcare.

iPhone – Quickly silence or reject an incoming phone call (8/11)

Who hasn’t been in a situation where you’re embarrassed by a ringing cell phone in the middle of an important meeting? Here are some options that will help you deal with the interruption gracefully:

  • Press the sleep/wake button on the top of your iPhone once. This will silence the ring but you can still answer it. So you can push the button, quietly leave the room and take your important call.
  • Or, if the call can wait press the sleep/wake button on the top of your iPhone twice. This will send the call to voice mail.

iPads in the business environment (7/11)

We have set up a number of iPads to connect to our client’s corporate networks, using either Microsoft Terminal Services or Citrix to connect to a wide variety of applications (Office, accounting, databases, etc.). There are free apps that can be installed for both of these services. The clients who are using the iPads this way are doing light work at home or while traveling and are generally pleased. The major caveat to consider is that the interface is relatively small and everything is done using touch options, which can be a little awkward for some corporate applications. If you are interested in this option let us know and we’d be glad to talk through your requirements.

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