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Health IT News for Metro DC: March 2014 Choosing an EHR – The Second Time Around (3/14)

As last month’s article suggested, this may be a good year to change your EHR. If you’ve decided that it’s time to change, you can take some steps to ensure a better outcome this time. By Carl Bergman of EHR Selector.

Health IT News for Metro DC: February 2014 Consider replacing your EHR this year (2/14)

We know this may sound crazy – after all you did to get it up and running! We understand – BUT – it may make sense for you and your practice. There are some good reasons that this may be the year, and this article goes into detail about why.

Healthcare IT Update: Medical Devices & EHRs (6/12)

One of the reasons for purchasing an EHR is to gain efficiencies that do not exist in a paper-based practice. For instance, the practice’s medical records staff may be eliminated or reduced over time, because paper charts do not have to be maintained and filed. However, many efficiencies afforded by EHRs are quite often not captured by practices. One such area is that of interfacing medical devices such as thermometers, x-ray machines and densitometers.

Interfacing medical devices to EHRs has traditionally been a tricky business. That’s due to several factors: the lack of standards definitions and the requirement that both the medical device manufacturer and the EHR software vendor have a common standard implemented in order to affect the interface. The good news is that progress is being made. If you are in the process of selecting an EHR you should pay careful attention to those devices that are important to your practice and how the EHR(s) under consideration interface with those devices. You can read the entire article on Medical Devices & EHRs here.

Healthcare IT Update January 2012: iPads Have Much Potential, But Significant Challenges Remain(1/12)

We also publish a monthly newsletter for the healthcare market and thought this article on iPads might be of general interest. We have many clients looking to use iPads in their corporate environments, and the warnings here are pretty much the same as they are for healthcare – make sure that the applications you are using have been adapted for iPads, otherwise you may end up unhappy with the results.

Read the article about iPads in Healthcare.

2012 – Your last chance to max out on EHR incentives, 12/8 in Reston (11/11)

To receive the full $44,000 in Medicare reimbursements for the Meaningful Use of an EHR, providers must show three months of Meaningful Use before the end of 2012. If you haven’t started yet time is of the essence!

Jonathan Krasner of BEI will discuss EHR selection, implementation and Meaningful Use.

Michael Nester of Access National Bank will discuss how financing options can tie into the government’s reimbursement schedule and and why financing an EHR system now is a cost-beneficial decision for your practice.

Access National Bank
Wednesday, December 7, 2011
11:30 am – 1:30 pm
1800 Robert Fulton Drive, Suite 250 Reston, Virginia 20191
Register Now!

Please note: This seminar is limited to Physicians and Practice Managers

Stage 1 Meaningful Use – Core Measure 15 Risk Analysis (10/11)

Core Measure 15 is one of the requirements for healthcare practices who are applying for federal funding for Electronic Health Record Systems. This specific requirement asks the provider to “Conduct or review a security risk analysis in accordance with the requirements under 45 CFR 164.308(a)(1) and implement security updates as necessary and correct identified security deficiencies as part of its risk management process.” Sounds pretty ominous, doesn’t it?

BEI can help healthcare practices conduct a security risk analysis to meet this important Stage 1 requirement. If you think you might need help with this, contact Jonathan Krasner at or 703-528-8300 x105.

Practice Managers’ Association of Northern Virginia – Meaningful Use Update (3/11)

Thursday, June 2, 11:30 am – 1:30 pm

In this presentation Jonathan Krasner of BEI will review the HITECH government funding programs and explain what it will take to achieve Meaningful Use. If you are interested in attending please click here.

Arlington County Practice Managers Association Luncheon Meeting – Meaningful Use Update (2/11)

Thursday, March 24, 2011 12:30 – 2 pm
Virginia Hospital Center

In this presentation Jonathan Krasner of BEI will review the HITECH government funding programs and explain what it will take to achieve Meaningful Use. If you are interested in attending please contact Jo Ann Allen of the Arlington County Medical Society.

Meaningful Use Monthly Webinar (2/11)

If you have not installed an EHR yet, you’re probably weighing the possibility. If you already have an EHR, you can still be eligible for Government payments. The HITECH Act offers tens of thousands of dollars for EHR implementation. Simply purchasing and installing a certified EHR is not enough to qualify for HITECH funds. Physicians must also use their certified systems in a “meaningful” way.

During this webinar we’ll explain the Meaningful Use criteria and help Practice Administrators and Physicians understand what will be required to obtain this funding.


Meaningful Use Resources (Healthcare Information Technology) (1/11)

We’ve summarized many of the Meaningful Use Resources on our website. Check back often as we’ll be adding to it as new sources become available:

Meaningful Use Resources

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